Released on 31 August 

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'Nomad' is a vinyl only mini album which will be Thirsty's third release, following on from full length sophomore album, 'Albatross' and the eponymous debut album, 'Thirsty'. 'Nomad' continues the band's exploration of poetic and unorthodox themes.  As before, Guy Bailey and lyricist, Irina D are backed by Chris Johnstone (formerly Quireboys) and Squeeze's drummer, Simon Hanson.  Backing vocals on this occasion provided by Kristi Kimsey.  'Nomad' is the band's third collaboration with Rolling Stones producer, Chris Kimsey.  

The original artwork for both inner and outer sleeves is the fruit of a close collaboration between Thirsty and Pato Bosich, London based Chilean artist. Pato and Irina D co-produced music videos for 'Mercury Rising' and 'Albatross' on Nomad's release where a fluid live action metamorphosis of Pato's art is achieved using painstaking stop/go animation.  Click on the links to view the videos.  


Vinyl copies of Nomad are available exclusively on this site (and digitally on iTunes and other major digital platforms) and can be ordered HERE

Original artwork (including the five original hand-made acetate sleeves) and the original painting 'The Sun Bleeds' featured on the cover of 'Nomad' from 'I bleed, you levitate me' series is available via


THIRSTY released their second album "Albatross" in November 2016.

"Original Quireboys guitarist Guy Bailey is one half of Thirsty, which is completed by Russian poet Irina D.  It is a winning combination, with Bailey's subtle skilful blues licks and Irina's intelligent lyrics. With sparkling production by Stones producer Chris Kimsey and plenty of nods to classic 60's soul, 'Albatross' feels like a perfect Sunday morning album.  The overall feel is somewhere between Keith Richards' 'Talk is Cheap' and Lou Reed's 'Coney Island Baby'" - Vive Le Rock January 2017. '


'Nomad', 'Albatross' and 'Thirsty' albums are available to pre-order/order here.  

Thirsty's second album follows their critically acclaimed eponymous album released in 2015. 


"Gloriously dishevelled" - Mojo Rocks with Phil Alexander 


"Bailey's downbeat vocals are suited to the dark heart of songs like elegaic sounding 'Libertine' or the ever-brooding 'Surgery' - Classic Rock

"Each song has a story to tell, perfectly wrapped up in a ball of joy lasting 3 minutes of less.  The highlights are endless.  Thirsty is a fine album" - Get Ready to Rock


"Deep, dark lyrical themes...authentically retro" - Fireworks



"Donnie to Sonny"




"God Bless America"




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